Tool@rrest - The drop stops here.

January 15, 2015


The only certified tethering system that can be retrofit to your existing tool stock.


Absafe are the experts at specialty access and remedial engineering. We are known for getting critical jobs done safely and efficiently at any height. We see the extreme importance of safety at heights and are constantly crafting better ways to make our jobs as safe as possible.

Until now, there’s been no widely available, certified and statistically fail-safe technology to tether and secure your existing tools for use at height. The only option was expensive, specialist tools or potentially fatal ‘self-tethering’. Seeing a serious need for improvement in safety standards we have teamed up with Tool@rrest as a fully qualified Retofitting agent in the tethering and securing hand tools from being dropped when working at any height.

This means Absafe can secure your existing tools as part of a drop prevention system when used with Tool@rrest lanyards and accessories. As one of the only Retrofitting agents in Australia, Absafe provides a completely secure, cost effective system that can mean the difference between life and death. Safety is so important to us, it’s in our name.

Contact us on email at or call 03 9486 3777for a quote on tethering your tools. 


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