Which Roof Worker’s Kit is right for you – The whole Kit & Caboodle

May 14, 2015

Safety is the most important thing when working at heights. Roof worker’s kits provide all the necessary equipment to ensure safety when working from heights in one convenient kit. With all the different model and brands, choosing the right roof worker’s kit can be a hassle. This quick guide should make your decision (and roof job) a little easier.

The Ferno Economy Roofers Safety Kit is a most basic roofer’s kit. Inside the a backpack comes a basic Hi-Safe FH 50 Full Body harness, 15m of 11mm rope (with sewn eyelet & steel screw gate karabiner), personal energy absorber (with rope grab & screw gate karabiner), and a round sling. All for under $288.75 this kit comes with everything you need for safety at heights but is not Australian Stamped Certified. The same version can be purchased without a harnessfor only $169.95.

Protecta’s Compliance in a Can offers a Australian Standards compliant fall protection system at an affordable price. This straightforward kit includes all the necessary elements of the ABC of fall protection to ensure worker safety including; a Medium Fall Arrest Harness, 15m kernmantle rope lifeline (with integral 1m shock absorbing lanyard), & a 1.5m round anchor strap, packaged in a convenient re-usable bucket. Nothing too flashy here, but by meeting AS/NZS 1891 Standards the compliance in a can is a great option for under $350.00

A more flash version to the compliance the Sala Professional Roof Worker’s Kit 'ups the ante' by supplying a Delta Roof Workers Harness, 1m EZ-Stop™ shock absorbing lanyard, 15m rope lifeline (with integral rope grab), double action screw gate karabiner, & a 1.5m Tie-Off Adaptor, in a durable equipment bag. Adhering to Australian Standards this roofers kit promises a comfortable and safe solution to your safety at heights needs for $714.95.

Skylotec Roof Worker’s Kit Premium Level
 is, you guessed it, a premium compliance level kit that comprises an Award Winning SIRRO 2 harness (a harness we absolutely love), Ergogrip adjuster attached to 15m of 11mm static rope, a 1m sling in a water resistant carry bag for $680. For a cheaper option the Skylotec Roof Worker’s Kit Compliance Levelswaps the Sirro 2 for a lightweight CS2 harness making the Australian Stamped kit only $390.

Last but not least, the MSA Workman Roof Workers Kit - Premier provides safety and ease of mind while working and features the "premier" harness. Along with 25mt length of 11mm Kernmantle rope (with 1 sewn termination, 1 Snap Lock Connector and 1 Rope Grab) a 1.5mt Anchor Sling, and 2 x Steel Screwgate Karabiners stored in a backpack. Meeting applicable AU OSHA regulations for only $375this kit is, as they say, the whole kit and caboodle.

 For any further questions on any of the Roof Worker's Kitsor any other products on our website email sales@absafe.com.au or call 1 300 ABSAFE

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