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Sqwincher Qwik Stiks hydration sachets (CASE of 500)


Qwik Stiks single-serve electrolytes. Just add to 600ml water.

Case of 500 Stiks

When the body perspires it loses key electrolytes that water alone doesn’t contain. Electrolytes your body needs to keep it stable and functioning properly. That’s where Sqwincher comes in. Sqwincher hydration solutions quickly replace lost fluids containing sodium & potassium, key electrolytes needed to keep the body hydrated, and exactly what your body needs to keep it working well and in tip-top shape.

  • Great Taste
  • Superior packaging for easy workplace use
  • Low sodium, balanced electrolytes, caffeine-free
  • Low cost-per-serve
  • Regular, frozen, sugar-free options.

Sqwincher has served Australasian workers since 1999 and is trusted by many leading companies, fire, emergency services & defence force organisations to provide safe & effective hydration to their workers.


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