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uvex u-fit chemical protection sturdy nitrile work gloves (100box)

Size Guide

uvex u-fit disposable nitrile glove - mid blue colour.. Box of 100 gloves.

  • Multi-use nitrile disposable chemical glove
  • Protection against chemical splash
  • Resistant to oil and grease
  • Good resistance to tear and puncture (0.10mm thickness)
  • Suitable for food handling/preparation
  • Excellent dexterity
  • Good grip
  • Excellent anatomical hand form for excellent comfort
  • Silicone-free according to imprint test
  • EN374 splash resistant - AQL 1.5
  • EN374 micro-organisms


  • Mechanical strength - 100% nitrile 0.10mm thickness provides resistance to tear and puncture
  • Chemical splash - Splash protection from chemicals such as acids, alkalis, solids or aqueous saline solutions
  • Acceptable Quality Level - Thus an AQL of 1.5 accepts the statistical probability that there are less than 1.5% defects in a batch of gloves

We protect people. At work and at play. On the production line and on the ski slope. While welding or while riding. uvex is one brand with one mission: protecting people.
Modern protection products bringing together safety, functionality, quality and design, in order to keep pace with the rapid advances in industry and construction ? this is what our customers expect of us and what we expect of ourselves. Protecting people is our ambition, our responsibility, our job. We keep workplace hazards to a minimum with our high performance protective equipment.