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Ferno Hi-Safe Kernmantle Rope Safety Line - Roofer line


Perfect for work on residential roofs or short industrial roof sections, this a static rope line with a sewn termination in one end.

It is available in various lengths. Ideal for replacing a line in your roofers kit, or adding an extra longer line, for attaching a rope grab with tear-away lanyard to facilitate safe progression on a roof.

(Note - The "double-sewn-eye" option will only work with openable rope grabs that can be installed onto the middle of the rope)

  • 11 mm Narrowtex kernmantle static rope with a sewn termination (and an attachment hardware if you choose that option)
  • Finished with a thimble eye
  • Break force in excess of 25 kN.


Please note: Rope colour varies with every batch, usually black with red flecks, or black with orange flecks. Sometimes red with yellow flecks.


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