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The light weight and compact bosuns chair for confined space or rope-supported tasks. Now even lighter, more compact and more comfortable thanks to the aluminium support plate. Individually adjustable.

The most important part - it's size! The Skyboard is the narrowest width at 325mm across the seat (between the sides) and it's definitely the shallowest seat on the market at 140mm [average] wide and it weighs in roughly mid-range at roughly 1000 grams. The skyboard has the best padding of all the seats. Also, it packs flat!

XL Version is substantially wider and deeper at 425mm x 190mm for more working room, but still packs flat!

Model Number: G-0205

Weight: 1000 grams / 1700grams (XL)

Width: 165 mm

  •  Hand-washing:  40 °C
  •  Max. number of persons:  1
  •  Max. rated load:  100 kg
  •  Temperature from:  -35 °C
  •  Temperature up to:  45 °C

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