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Technique Gripps Ergo Forged Steel Scaffolders Hammer

The Scaffold Hammer with intelligence! Designed and engineered with the scaffolder in mind the Technique Ergo Scaffold Hammer is the end result of extensive industry research and incorporates a number of ergonomic features providing previously unknown levels of functionally and user comfort.

NOT supplied with anchor point or lanyard. Has a hole for tethering


  • Shock Reduction Engineering
  • Single piece dropped forge design
  • Superior Balance to reduce fatigue
  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Lifetime warranty

Model:   K01000

Brand: GRIPPS is the new name of STOP THE DROPS from Technique Solutions, one of the industry's most dedicated suppliers of tool-tethering and tool-safety equipment. A huge range of fully-certified products makes GRIPPS the most popular tool-tether brand.