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Volt Safety


Volt Safety Switchboard Low Voltage Rescue Kit 1000V

Arc Flash Low Voltage rescue kit Is a must have item for most Electricians and is designed to be used by the safety observer in the event of an on-site electrocution. It enables the safety observer to safety rescue the victim without being electrocuted themselves.

Volt Safety Switchboard Low Voltage Rescue Kit 1000V. Quantity: 1 xKit.

Description: Low Voltage Switchboard Rescue Kit
Standards:   meets Energy Suppliers requirements
Rating:      up to 1000V
Colour:      Yellow
Size:        Standard
Options:     CRP Mask
Emergency Thermal Blanket
Intrinsic Torch (for Underground Mining)
Wall Mounted Box
MVR Kit 17kV; 26.5kV or 36kV
Part Code/s: KIT-LVR

  • Hi-Vis Bag with Reflective Font to find in the dark
  • Heavy Duty bag which can double as a water bucket
  • Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap
  • AS2225, IEC60903 or ASTM D120 Gloves
  • Non Conductive – Fully Insulated Crook
  • AS3504 Fire Blanket 1.8m x 1.2m
  • Multi Trauma Burns Dressing
  • Heavy Duty “Isolate Here” Sign with attachment string
  • St.Johns Handy hints First Aid Booklet
  • Non Conductive LED 2 x D Battery Torch