Ronin Lift Kit Special

For a limited time, you can grab the complete Ronin Lift Kit for only $5,299 – previously $7,228


With a powerful 181kg capacity, remote control operation, long-lasting battery, versatile rope compatibility, and easy-to-use design, it's the ultimate solution for efficient and safe lifting. Say goodbye to worker fatigue and hello to increased productivity and fewer injuries.

Ronin Lift Ascender Kit Includes:

(1) Ronin Lift Ascender with Anti-Panic Break
(1) Ronin Hardcase
(1) Rubber Motor Protector
(1) Perfect Burn Rope Tip
(1) Rope Brush
(1) Battery
(1) Charger
(1) Bluetooth Wireless Remote

A hot-swappable battery to keep you moving all-day (available for individual purchase)
A thumbwheel-trigger speed-control for easy operation
A secondary lock for hands-free work
Integration with a wide range of climbing technology
A 181 kg continuous lifting capacity
Variable lifting speeds of up to 0.6 meters per second
Lightweight and compact design with a maximum weight of 11.8 kg

What do you get in the Ronin Lift Kit:

Discover Ronin Models


    The first model in the Ronin series, The Ronin Lift, a battery-powered power ascender, stands as an economical essential for every worker operating at heights.

    Only $5,299 – previously $7,228


    Experience unmatched speed with the Ronin Titan (TL) – Faster than the original Ronin Lift, this robust tool is designed to handle heavy loads in challenging environments!

  • The Ronin Tactical Lift (STL)

    The Ronin Tactical Lift (STL) has been exclusively engineered for the Defence Force, seamlessly handling tasks from equipment hauling to life-saving rescues

Ronin Lift Power Ascender Technical Features