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3M Chemical Spill Kit Wheelie Bin - 180 Litres


3M™ Chemical Sorbent is ideal for hazardous spill control. It is highly absorbent and suitable for a wide range of liquids, even aggressive acids, and alkalis.

  • Suitable for larger chemical spills
  • Includes a range of PPE
  • Large size wheelie bin

Kit Contains: 

  • 12x 3M™Chemical Sorbent Mini Booms P200,
  • 8x 3M™ Chemical Pillows P300,
  • 3x 3M™ Folded Chemical Sorbent Rolls C-FL550DD,
  • 2x 3M™ Respirator 3M 4277 (A1B1E1P2),
  • 2x 3M™ Fahrenheit™ Safety Goggles,
  • 2x 3M™ 4510 Disposable Coveralls XL,
  • 2x Pair Oil resistant Gloves,
  • 1x 240L Wheelie Bin,
  • 5x Contaminated Waste Bag,
  • 1x Spill Response Procedures,
  • 5x Tamper Seals.

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