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3M Gas & Vapour Cartridge Filters 6051 for paint/solvent


A pair of cartridges attaches to the 3M Half and Full face Respirators (6000-series) to provide gas and vapour protection (In dusty environments, use a dust filter on top).
These cartridges are lightweight and well balanced when fitted to the respirator. 
  • Meets the performance requirements of AS/NZS 1716:2012.
  • The 3M Bayonet Connection System ensures precise and secure locking.
  • Suits 6000-series half-mask, 6000-series full mask, 7500-series half mask.


A1:    6051 - Provides protection against: A1 Organic Vapours (boiling point > 65ºC), Class Rating A1, Recommended Application: Using or cleaning with organic solvents e.g. toluene, xylene and MEK. Also degreasing, mixing, using paint thinners lacquers and glues. For paint and pesticide spraying* a particulate filter must be used to capture mist droplets (5925).  A1i:   6051i - Same as 6051, but contains a Visual Service Life Indicator to provide a visual indication on when to change filters. Save money and health by replacing your filter when it's actually needed, no more guesswork!

*Price listed is per pack (1x pair of filters per pack)