3M General Purpose Sorbents - Folded Sorbent

The unique 3M general purpose sorbents high fluid capacity means the need to change the sorbent is less frequent, saving on material, labour and disposal costs. 3M general purpose sorbents are designed to help maintain a clean and safe working environment. 
3M General Purpose Folded Sorbent(*Price listed is per box, minimum order of 3 boxes)A 3M General Purpose version of our unique folded sorbent. Able to be used as a boom, sheet, pad, or pillow, it allows one product to be stocked for almost any fluid spill. Perforations every 40cm allow the required length to be torn off and used, so there is no waste. 
  • Multi-Format combines the convenience and versatility of four sorbents in one to catch leaks and drips
  • For use on most non-aggressive liquids
  • Very easy to use and to retrieve
  • Promotes a cleaner, safer working environment
  • Dimensions: 45cm x 15m Capacity: 40L/ box 

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