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3M Oil & Petroleum Sorbent


3M Oil Sorbents are an innovative range of highly absorbent products.  Being hydrophobic repelling water they are ideal for absorbing oil from places where water may also be present.  As with 3M Maintenance Sorbents are available in a wide range of convenient formats - each designed to enhance spill management and maximise pollution control.Oil Sorbents are made from inert, synthetic. bres, principally polypropylene for "T" oil sorbents and polypropylene and polyester for "HP".  They are available in a wide range of formats and are lightweight and dust free.  They have a high absorption capacity which minimises the amount of waste for disposal Feature and Benefits
  • Hydrophobic
  • Cost effective as oil, not water, is recovered
  • Can be used outside as well as in-plant
  • Handy dispenser box for easy on-site use
  • Controlling, cleaning up and recovering oil and petroleum based liquids form effluent discharged, streams, ponds, lakes, rivers, and other bodies of water
  • In-plant spills under leaking equipment and machinery in place of clay granules
  • In drains and sumps to collect petroleum products for runoff
  • Multi Format oil sorbents - As with all multi format products by 3M, Multi-Format oil sorbents combines the convenience and versatility of four sorbents into one.  Offering high absorbency and rapid deployment, it can be used as a boom, pillow, pad or roll.  With perforations every 40cm it allows you to select the length that you need resulting in less wastage
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