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3M Particulate Disc Filters 2000 Series


The 3M 2000 Particulate Filters attach to the 3M Half and Full Face Respirators to provide particulate protection. These filters are lightweight and provide low breathing resistance. They are made from 3M high performance filter media for effective filtration efficiency.  Meets the performance requirements of AS/NZS 1716:2012

*2125,2128,2138,2076:   Price listed is per pair, minimum order is 50 pairs

**2125/10 and 2128/10:   Price listed is per pair, minimum order of 10 pairs

 ProductsP2:    2125 and  P2/10: 2125/10 - Provides protection against: Particulates (Class Rating: P2).  Recommended application: Creating certain dusts, mists and fumes such as sanding, grinding, cutting, drilling metal, masonry, wood and concrete.  P2/P3:    2135 - Provides protection against: Toxic Particulates (Class Rating: P2/P3).   Recommended application: Working with toxic particulates such as asbestos (refer to Government guidelines***) and beryllium. GP2:    2128 and  GP2/10:   2128/10 - Provides protection against: Particulates, Ozone and Nuisance Level* Acid Gas and Organic Vapours with Low Vapour Gases (Class Rating: GP2).  Recommended application: Creating welding fume, ozone, polishing and grinding particles when welding or fabricating. Also for spraying pesticides or herbicides with vapour pressure < 1.3 Pa @ 25°C.  GP2/GP3   2138 - Provides protection against: Toxic Particulates, Nuisance Level* Acid Gases and Organic Vapours with Low Vapour Pressure (Class Rating: GP2/GP3).  Recommended application: Working with toxic particulates such as mould remediation. Also for nuisance level* acid gases and spraying pesticides or herbicides with vapour pressure < 1.3 Pa @ 25°C.  P2HF:    2076 - Provides protection against: Particulates and Hydrogen Fluoride (Class Rating: P2(HF)).  Recommended Application: Working with hydrogen fluoride and creating particulates such as dust and mist. Applications include working in certain chemical and fertiliser plants. 


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