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3M Peltor Flex Leads Cables FL6U Series


This cord is specially designed for use with Peltor Flex Headset, Peltor OraTac Peltor FMT120 and WS5 Adapter

It’s easy to connect various communication equipment to your Peltor product just by switching cords. The contact is easy to plug into and unplug.

The Peltor Flex cord comes in several models. The one for your particular radio is shown on the package. Make sure you have chosen the right cord for your radio. 



Code Option 1
FL6U-107 Flex Cable For Kenwood TK 280
FL6U-35 Flex Cable For ICOM
FL6U-65 Flex Cable for Motorola GP344, GP328+
TAA22-T0299 Flex Cable For  Vertex VX-160/400
FL6U-21 Flex Cable For Motorola GP300
FL6U-28 Flex Cable for Ericsson
FL6U-32 Flex Cable for Motorola
FL6U-36 Flex Cable For Kenwood
FL6U-64 Flex Cable for ICOM F33/F43 F34/F44
TAA13-T0299 Flex Cable For  ICOM IC-F31/41
FL6U-63 Flex Cable For Motorola MOTOTRBO
FL6U-31 Flex Cable For ICOM/GME TK1650 Straight