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3M Peltor PTT Adapters


Use 3M PELTOR Push-To-Talk (PTT) Adapters to optimize the placement of the PTT button for convenient activation
  • For use with 3M PELTOR COMTAC Protective Communication Headsets and compatible two-way radios
  • Ambidextrous design allows for easy use by either the right or left hand
  • Mounting clip can be rotated 360 degrees
  • Design allows for either belt or shoulder mounting
  • Button profile and tactile feedback suitable for gloved hands
  • Optional shroud protects PTT button from accidental activation, for instance when laying in the prone position
  • NEXUS TP-120 connection serves as a break-away connector for removal in emergency situations

Part# Fitting
FL5018 For Motorola HT1000 MT2000 GP900 GTS 5000
FL5030 For Motorola GP340, HT750
FL5034 For ICOM Right Angled Plug
FL5035 For Kenwood TK3101, TK250/350, FUNKEY
FL5046 For ICOM A6/A22
FL5063 For Motorola Motorbro
FL50-T9143 For Motorla GP344, GP388
FL5218 ATEX For Motorola HT1000MT2000, GP900
FL50101 For Sepura Tetra STP8000
FL5230 ATEX For Motorola GP320/340
FL5044 For ICOM F31/F41, F51/F61