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FL5006 GB

3M Peltor Standard Ground Mechanic Adapters & Cables - FL5006 GB


3M Peltor Ground Mechanic Adapters Avaliable in FL5006 GB, FL5006-02 GB and FL5008 GB The PTT button is logically placed so that it is easy to access with either hand. The design makes it easy to use even with heavy gloves. The PTT button has a specific pressure point. The jack is at a 10 degree angle to the fixed cord and positioned so that the headset is easy to plug in and unplug in all situations.


3.6m:    for PJ051B: FL5006 GB - Ground Mechanic Adapter, Hiv Vis 3-6M. Original plug 6.5m:    for PJ051B: FL5008 GB - Ground Mechanic Adapter, Hi Vis 6.5M Original
Peltor:   FL5006-02 GB - Ground Mechanic Adapter, Hi Vis 3-6M Peltor Moulded
 Key Features:
  • Designed to fit the shape of the hand
  • Clamp can be twisted 360 degrees
  • Oil resistant cable
  • Applications: Ground Mechanic work (push back)
  • Standards and Approval: The Product has been shown to meet the requirements of the European Directive 2004/108/EC and is thus CE marked. The product has been verified in accordance with EN61000-6-2:2005.