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3M Standard Airline Belt System - 902-02-17

The 3M Standard Airline Belt System consists of a belt, air regulating valve/muffler assembly and QRS Breathing Hose that can be combined with all 3M modular headtops and ensures an individually adjustable, constantly controlled airflow. The Airline requires a working pressure of 25-60 psi (1.7 bar to 4.1 bar) dependent on the length of the breathing air hose. There is an option of four varying length breathing air hoses to connect the 3M Standard Airline System to the compressed air supply. An approved Breathing Air Panel should be connected in-line to purify the compressed air before it is fed to the air regulator. The various components of the Standard Airline System are connected using CEJN plug and socket hose couplings. The use of a continuous flow airline system can provide high protection factors in environments containing high levels or unknown contaminants. Recommended Applications
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry
  • Spray Painting
  • Metal Finishing
 Features and Benefits
  • QRS Breathing tube connecting port
  • Compressed air connection
  • Easy to clean
  • Air flow 170-425 L/min
  • When used with AS/NZS 1716 compliant airline hose, meets performance requirements of this standard
 System includes
  • Belt
  • Air regulating valve & muffler
  • CEJN fitting
  • Standard QRS breathing air hose
  • User instructions