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ACANTHA Stainless Steel Tactical Pen

The ACANTHA™ is an extremely durable pen with a sleek stylish look; the body shape delivers excellent ergonomics and strength - perfect for those that work at heights and funny angles or in a tactical environment!


  • Extremely durable pen with sleek look
  • Body shape delivers excellent ergonomics
  • Clean and functional look
  • Includes 2 end attachments (Lancet™ & TriStep™) depending on application/mood
  • Fisher space pen cartridge for reliable writing even in outer space
  • Stainless steel pocket clip
  • O-Rings for water resistance
  • Designed and engineered in-house


  • Body/cap material: 300-series stainless steel
  • Finish: Matte bead blast
  • Includes 2 end attachments (Lancet™ & TriStep™) 


Closed length: 12.7 cm closed with Lancet™ end attachment

Open length:   13.2 cm with cap screwed on back

Weight:     71 grams


 Ships with a Fisher Space Pen Black Ink Cartridge.


Model: PN500SST