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Back Country


Back Country food packs - BC Emergency Bucket


1 day's food for 6 people, or 6 days for 1 person. Preparedness in a bucket!

  • Back Country Cuisine uses nitrogen-flushing heavy duty foil laminate pouches to keep the food safe and flavour-some without the need for preservatives.
  • Back Country Cuisine provides approx 3 year best before on all pouches, please refer to individual packets for exact dates. Recent testing has shown that the meals are safe to eat well beyond 6 years given they are kept cool and dry. 
  • The safekeeping of your food is taken a step further by adding another layer of security placing these single serving pouches into compact, 18L sealed buckets.
  • The buckets keep out dust, moisture, rodents, insects, light and preventing damage to pouches thus assuring your food supply is not compromised during storage. 
  • The square buckets are very easy to stack and store. 
  • If you are placed in an emergency situation these buckets can also serve several other purposes, such as water collection, digging, carrying tools and more.


  • 6 x Breakfast
  • 6 x Single serve meals (hot lunch)
  • 6 x Single serve meals (hot dinner)