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Beal ROPE ARMOUR Rope Protector

A patented woven metal sheath, serving to protect the rope or lanyard from edges or sharp tools. This supple armour is much more durable and effective than conventional rope protectors. A must for any cutting or drilling work near your lifeline or backup device.

The ROPE ARMOUR has to be fixed around the rope (i.e. threaded on prior to dropping your rope, or pulled up from the bottom as you move up), then positioned where protection is necessary: metal edges, roof corners, where there could be contact with angle grinders, drills? The ROPE ARMOUR can be held in place using a Karabiner through the device or with a Beal CROCO (sold separately, pictured on right image).

Compact to store or when positioning on the rope, lengthen it after putting it in place.


  • Metallic sheath very resistant to cutting.
  • Very light and supple.
  • Concertinas to reduce in size.

    Material:    No. 65 galvanised steel

    Length deployed:    70 cm

    Length retracted:   16 cm

    Weight:                 250 grams

    NOTE: Croco attachment clip in image not included.