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BlueWater Ropes


BlueWater II++ 13mm Static Rope - Gold/Blue (Roll)


 BlueWater II Rope has been a staple in the Australian Rescue Scene for over 20 years.With this current version of the bench mark Australian Standards rope; BlueWater have advanced the ropes  technology another step - both the double twist, cabled core and the double twist, cabled sheath of BlueWater static ropes have been changed and improved. Hence the name "plus plus".

The core remains 100% Polyamide (Nylon) but is now made from a higher performance blend than before. The sheath is now made from a dot-dyed polyester, which has less elongation the polyamide previously used. BlueWater II++ has very low stretch at working load but retains excellent energy absorbtion.

All BlueWater static ropes are still made in Australia in BlueWater's AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000 certified facility.

BlueWater II++ 11mm diameter and above, Superline++ and Assaultline++ conform to the requirements of AS4142.3 - Static Ropes for Life Rescue Lines 


Colour:   Gold with Blue Fleck

Diameter:    13 mm

Elongation:   3.8% @  1.3kN,   6.4% @ 2.6kN,   8.4% @ 4.4kN

Weight:        124 grams /mt

Tensile Strength:    44.4 kN

Model:   R335


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