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Edelrid CORE Chest Ascender Kit

Edelrid Core Chest Ascender Kitis intended to supplement the above mentioned harnesses with an ascender clamp in conformity with EN 567.

The Core Harness is lighter (30%) than other comparable models. Has greater adaptability and is far more comfortable, even without the padding kit, especially when standing around.

2 Separate attachment points at the front waist for work positioning and attaching descenders.

This is a key feature along with added ability to add the Core Screw D'sfor further attachments as well.

Never use this product as a stand-alone device; it may be used exclusively in combination with one of the following approved EDELRID harnesses:
  • Core Top
  • Top 361

AttentionIf the harness is used for securing with the ascender clamp only, the combination does not constitute a rescue system in conformity with EN 363! Additional measures for securing need to be taken

The basic principles for the responsible production of innovative, high performance products, like climbing ropes, are quality and safety. EDELRID has been following this creed for more than 146 years, and the rope - along our comprehensive experience in its production - is the heart and soul of our traditionally rich brand.