Cirlock 5s Mini Red Tag Station - single wall mountable tag holder with 10 tags


Our simple 5S system helps you to sort your area out, mark unwanted items with a red tag and place them into a marked area where they can be dealt with. Our larger version also includes a checklist so you team can mark off when they have tidied the area as a continual best practice measure. All you have to do is ensure it is kept up.

The 5S system originated in Japan, and the 5 S’s are Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain.


Part No: 5S-STH-2 (Tags) 5S-STH-3 (Stickers)

Application: To ensure that the 5S's are used in your workplace to keep processes lean - Just Red Tag it!

Use for: Organisation and Process control

Material: High Vis Yellow Plastic

Material of Tags: Cardboard with string attached (no grommet). Also available as stickers (no strings).

Dimensions of Tags and stickers: 175 x 90mm

Colour: Yellow

Pack Sizes: Single

Stock: Yes - Buderim, Queensland Australia

Other: Can be custom made upon request


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