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Cirlock Confined Space COVER ONLY - SML 60 x 60cm (RS2424)


Product excludes lockable rachet strap

Cirlock distributes a range of confined space covers which are specifically designed to be rapidly fitted to a range of confined space entry points including vessels, tower skirts and columns.

The reusable, highly durable covers provide a physical barrier to the confined space as well as compliant signage for the duration of the confined space operation. Additionally, they can be fitted with a range of lockable ratchet straps to secure them to the vessel and prevent entry by unauthorised personnel.

Ideal for

  • Columns / Tower Skirts / Vessel Skirts
  • Any other opening where a flange may not be present
  • 1 x Cover

Small - 60cm x 60cm

Medium - 100cm x 100cm

Large - 76cm x 120cm

Xtra Large - 76cm x 150cm