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Clear Heat Shrink Tube - Glue Lined Dual Wall


This Clear Heat Shrink is dual wall thickness, Flame Retarding, and with internal mastic glue for strong adhesion.

This heat shrink provides a permanent waterproof barrier & environmental seal for electrical connections or rope ends.

For rope access workers this will provide maximum weather protection and adhesion to cover your your valuable PPE inspection tags and rope tags.

The high shrink ratio enables tagging of ropes of varying sizes.

Sold Per Metre or in rolls  (if you buy more than 1metre we'll send you a single piece, so you can cut it to your desired length).

  • Shrink ratio 3:1 = Shrink-down Sizes
  • 12mm->4mm
  • 18mm->6mm
  • 24mm->8mm
  • 30mm->10mm
  • 39mm->13mm


  • Flame retarded and self extinguishing
  • Dielectric strength 15kV/mm
  • Resistance to chemical, copper corrosion and fungus
  • UV stabilised
  • Operating temperature range -55°C to +85°C

Tensile strength


 12 N/mm²

 Water Absorption


 0.15% Max