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Climbing Technology


Climbing Technology QUICK ROLL Ascender


An innovative handled ascender with integrated pulley to be used together with auto-blocking descender (e.g. SPARROW). Much more effective and less clumsy than the traditional ascending handles with their additional connector: the working rope runs from the descender over the integrated pulley , thus reducing friction and facilitating the ascent.

NOTE:  The integrated pulley is not PPE

  • cam opening lever usable with one hand, with a single downwards movement (patented);
  • wear-resistant steel blocking cam, with depressions to avoid the accumulation of dirt and mud and reduce force needed to slide device up the rope in difficult conditions (muddy, iced-up ropes);
  • it has two additional attachment points, system to prevent cam inverting and secondary hole for connecting an etrier with a quick link.

Size:   189 x 93 mm

Weight:      245 grams

Standards:    EN 567:2013 (8-13 mm),   EN 12841:2006-B (10-13 mm), CE0333, UIAA

Rope Diameter:     8mm - 13mm  Ø 

Colour:            Orange