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Spanset Climbtech REUSABLE BOLT ANCHOR Concrete


This portable concrete anchorage connector can be used in a variety of fall protection applications and is rated to
  18kN (fall arrest)
  44kn (static lines)

depending on the version.

These removable man riding bolt anchor anchors are designed to be mobile and are simple to use as fall protection anchors (not rope access anchors).
They are easily locked in, and removed, using the spring-loaded plunger.

Made in the USA.


  • Polyuethane coated anchor loop
  • Spring loaded trigger that activates to engage/disengae the securing mechanism
  • Suitable for vertical, horizontal or overhead use
  • Maximum User Weight:   136 kg
  • requires 25 mm x 115 mm hole
  • 18kN version for fall arrest
  • 44kN version for fall arrest 1 or 2 people, or mounting horizontal safety line.


Diameter:    25mm / 1"

Weight:        498 grams

Breaking Strength:     18kN or 44kN

Standards: EN 795:1996 (+A1:2000) Class B, ANSIZ359.1-2007, ANSIZ359.7-2011, OSHA 1926.502 CE 0321