Skylotec D2 Emergency Escape Descender Kit


Easy emergency escape unit, for anyone who lives or works at a height. 
Ideal for tower, apartment, skyscraper escape!

Kit contains:

  • 1 x rope with self-locking snap-hook connector fixed at one end
  • 1 x descent controller (descender) fixed onto the rope
  • 1 x self-locking karabiner connector
  • 1 x kit bag with handles & d-loop to clip to belt

(Requires - your choice of safety or rescue harness)

The Skylotec D2 may seem small, but it packs huge functionality and optimal performance. Specially designed to be used in emergency situations and for quick escape procedures. It is the world’s first Micro-descender with an anti-panic function, featuring a very unique top-of-the art mechanism that completely stops the descent, should the user get into a panic situation. The user can then easily control the descending speed just by pressing on the lever, which allows the rope to slide through the mechanism without them having to control the rope with their second hand.

Due to its light weight and portability, it can be clipped to a harness and carried all the time (or stored for emergencies) without being in the way.

Other features include a safe abseiling speed of 0.5 m/s; core-sheathed rope of 8mm in diameter; TRI carabiners, including an Ovaloy Tri carabiner on the rope and a Stak Tri carabiner on the anchoring point side; and the ability to withstand extreme temperatures, from -40 degrees Celsius to 45 degrees Celsius. It meets the EN 12841-C:2006 standard, as well as NFPA 1983.

Art. No.: A - 030 
EAN: 4030281186526 
Standard: EN 12841 - C : 2006 
Abseiling speed: 0.5 m / s 
Diameter: 8 mm 
E - class number: 40-02-01-06 
Max number of persons: . 1 
Max rated load. 40-100 kg 
Temperature from: -40 ° C 
Temperature up to: 45 ° C 
Suspension element: braided rope 8mm 
Customs tariff number: 76169990 
Karabiner type: TRI 
Karabiner on rope: OVALOY TRI 
Karabiner on anchoring point side: STAK TRI ALU

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