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DMM Revolver RIG Screwgate Pulley Karabiner

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A unique connector, a Karabiner with pulley, lightweight aluminium but extra sturdy!

Much larger and tougher than the original popular DMM Revolver, this sturdier more useful version is fully rated for heavy loads, redirects, etc.


  • High efficiency roller bearing sheave. 
  • Full strength textile-friendly becket (bottom loop) is fitted at 90 degrees, so a karabiner doesn't rub on the rope. 
  • The uniquely profiled spine aids in maintaining correct orientation. 
  • Captive-eye pin is removable/replaceable, assists in keeping rope in place on connector.
  • MBS: 25kN
  • WLL: 500kg
  • Size: 76mm x 160mm
  • Weight: ~200g approx
  • Rope diam: 7mm-13mm
  • Standards: EN12278:2007, EN362:2004