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3M E-A-R Classic Series - Disposable Earplugs


Classic earplugs were the industry’s first foam earplugs, virtually revolutionising hearing protection. Today, the revolution continues

  • It meets more wearer and environmental needs with its proprietary foams, preferred cylindrical shape, and proven in-ear comfort.
  • Reusable Pillow Pack helps keep earplugs clean when they are not being worn
  • Slow-recovery earplug foam for shape
  • flame-resistant and moisture-resistant
  • Test compatible with 3M E-A-Rfit Validation System
  • Electrically Insulated
  • Material: PVC
  • Suggested Applications - General Industry
  • SLC80 rating 23dB (Class 4)
  • Standards Approved: AS/NZS-1270:2002

*Price per box, each box contains 200 pairs of earplugs,