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Python Safety


Python Safety - Fall Protection for Tools Attachment Points - Tool Cinch Attachments


Fall Protection for Tools (was Python Safety) Tool Cinch features a unique cinch design that allows users to quickly secure even the most difficult to tether tools, and continue their work.
Up to two stabilisation wings allow this tool cinch to be secured to a tool with Python Safety Quick Wrap Tape, and the strong rating will hold a load, making it the perfect cinch for tools like pinch bars, sledge hammers, slugging wrenches or big clamps.


  • Simple cinch design - Simply pass the attachment point through a closed handle on a tool, then pass the ring end through he loop end to create a power cinch.
  • Good capacity - Suitable for many medium and large tools weighing up to 15.9 kg, including magbase Drills, wrenches, and pipe thread drives.
  • Up to two stabilisation wings can be used to secure cinch in place

Colour:   Yellow/Black