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FastAid Biohazard BODY FLUID Kit - Single Use

This single use pack contains essentials to safety and easily clean up infectious body fluid spills like vomit and blood etc. It provides protection from blood borne pathogen risks and also reduces the risk of slip and fall injuries from body fluid spills.

Neatly packed into a single use cardboard box module.


1 8ml Disinfectant Spray

1 10 gram Absorbent Granules

1 Pair of Disposable Gloves

1 Polythene Apron

1 Scoop/Scraper

2 Dry Wipes

1 Bio-hazard Bag

1 Disinfectant Wipe

1 10 pakc of Tissues


Weight:  135 grams

Size:           70 mm x 70 mm x 200mm 

Model:   FADS25B