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Fastaid R2 INDUSTRA MAX First Aid Kit

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  • Complies with WHS 2016 Regulations for Workplaces
  • Content specific to industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, offices and warehouses
  • Contains a burn and an eye 'n' wound module to cater for prevalent burns and eye injuries particularly in the manufacturing industry
  • 4 case options to suit different locations in the workplace
  • Bonus Wallmount Bracket for plastic and soft pack 


METAL CABINET FAR2I10    285 (W) x 420 (H) x 130 (D)PLASTIC CASE   FAR2I20    355 (W) x 330 (H) x 100 (D)PLASTIC TACKLE FAR2I22 400 (W) x 130 (H) x 230 (D)SOFT PACK         FAR2I30    355 (W) x 270 (H) x 110 (D)REFILL                 FAR2I99    CLIP SEAL BAG