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Ferno FDU100 Descender

The Ferno FDU100 has a friction rack unlike the FDU200 so it also suitable for 2 person rescue use.

The Ferno FDU200 is designed for personal rescue, emergency escape, rescue operations or specialised rope work.

It is a friction control, double stop, descending system, with a simple and soft moulded operator handle. The system starts releasing its load when the handle is moved towards the central position. Should a panic grab take place and the handle is pulled past the central position, the system locks up into the double stop mode. This mode will only be maintained with the force exerted by the operator, until a gentle release takes place. If the handle is let go, the system automatically locks.

Extensively tested and certified to AS/NZS 4488.1:1997 with 11 mm rope.


Length:   250 mm (with handle stored)

Width:     135 mm

Depth:     45 mm

Weight:   950 grams

Model Number: FWE-FDU 100