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Frontier ClearView Hard Hat


This an Australian made vented construction helmet, and the unique ClearView™ range, is a transparent hard hat that's available in a variety of colours. The unique transparent design of the Clearview™ hard hat maximises peripheral vision and reduces neck strain caused by the need to continuously look up.

All are regularly batch tested by an independent test lab to meet Australian standards AS/NZS 1801 and are fully certified with the AS Stamp.

We reckon this is a great innovation in hard hats and it's made right here so you are supporting Australian business.


  • UV400 stabilised and is suitable for indoor or outdoor use (you won’t get sun burnt in a ClearView™)
  • Ensures greater all round safety by increasing the wearers peripheral vision
  • Reduces neck strain associated with tilting the head back to constantly look up
  • Eliminates the common ill practise of wearing hard hats backwards
  • Clearview™ caps are high temperature rated thanks to their polycarbonate composition
  • Clearview™ like the Tuffguard™ range by Frontier has a premium terylene 6 point harness for comfort
  • Clearview™ allows most 25 & 30mm attachments like earmuffs and visors

Size:  One size

Colours:   Clear, Yellow

Certification:     AS/NZS 1801

Model:   CV63