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Gallet Headset Flexible Boom Microphone for Gallet F1 XF


Communication headset for integration in Gallet F1 XF fire helmet. Sold individually as LEFT or RIGHT, so you can have one or two loudspeakers, in plastic housing with mounting clips. The flexible microphone is adjustable in length (80 mm) to optimise position in front of the mouth or in front of the speech diaphragm (BA face piece). Comes complete with Downlead Cable with anti-tearing and LEMO connecting plug (green cover).


Operates with an MSA Push-to-Talk (PTT) module enabling connection to the PMR radio. Connection through an anti-tearing LEMO plug with colour codification;

  • PTT module with Yellow connector: non ATEX system
  • PTT module with Green connector: ATEX system (for use with approved ATEX radios only)


  • Microphone: noise cancelling Electret, 100Hz-10kHz, distortion < 3%
  • Loudspeaker: 32‰ã_, 20 Hz - 3 kHz, max power 100 mW
  • Amplifier: adjustable gain (0 to 26 dB), 300 Hz - 3 kHz Nominal output 50 mV RMS, Harmonic distortion 5%
  • Down lead Cable: Fire retardant, shielded cable
  • Housing: Polyamide (PA6), Fire resistant (V0)
  • Operation Temperature: -20°C to +65°C, humidity < 98%
  • EMC performance: ESD/EMI: 10 V/m
  • Ingress Protection testing: IP56 (tested inside the helmet)
  • ATEX (when used with an ATEX certified PTT module)
  • ATEX level: II 2G Ex ia IIC T4

Weight: 102 grams
Model Number: GA010002B3X