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Gas/Particle Filter SR599 A1BE2K1-Hg-P3


Sundstrom Gas/Particle Filter SR599 A1BE2K1-Hg-P3

Gas/Particle Filter SR599 A1BE2K1-Hg-P3

  • Organic gas/inorganic gas/acid gas/ammonia/mercury/particle filter class ABEK1HgP3 (regular capacity) for use with Sundström PAPRs SR500 and SR500ex.
  • Material >Plastic polypropylene. No metal parts.


  • A Organic gases and vapours, such as solvents, with boiling points above +65°C.
  • B Inorganic gases and vapours, such as chlorine, hydrogen sulphide, hydrogen cyanide.
  • E Acid gases and vapours, such as sulphur dioxide, hydrogen fluoride.
  • K Ammonia and certain amines, such as ethylene diamine
  • Hg Mercury vapour. NOTE: max use 50 hours.
  • P All types of wet and dry particles, such as dust, mist, smoke, fume, bacteria, viruses, mould, fibre


  • Size Largest diameter: 138 mm & Thickness: 89 mm
  • Weight 420 g
  • Thread 44 x 1/7".
  • Adsorption capacity
  • Test gas Conc. (PPM) B'through (min)
  • A: Cyclohexane 500 >80
  • B: Chlorine 1,000 >30
  • B: Hydrogen sulphide 1,000 >60
  • B: Hydrogen cyanide 1,000 >35
  • E: Sulphur dioxide 1,000 >30
  • K: Ammonia 500 >75
  • Hg: Mercury vapour 13 mg/m3 >104 hours
  • Temperature range — Storage: –20°C to +40°C at <90% RH — Use: –10°C to +55°C at <90% RH

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