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Honeywell HOWARD LEIGHT - Impact Sport Slimline Sound Amplification Earmuffs


The IMPACT® Sport is designed to amplify surrounding sounds such as voices, machines and warning signals to safe levels yet it provides good hearing protection. Loud impulse sounds are effectively blocked out and limited to safe levels. The unique stereo microphones (3) allow detection of the direction of ambient sounds, enhancing communication abilities and awareness of surroundings. This earmuff is provided with electrical audio input.

Key Features
Amplifies ambient sound to safe 82 dB, directionally placed stereo microphones, non-deforming outer headband, AUX input, patented Air Flow Control technology, matte black

Recommended Industries/Use

  • Agriculture
  • Chemical
  • Construction
  • Forestry
  • Government
  • Law Enforcement
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Mining
  • Steel and Metals
  • Utilities


Headband Material
Steel, Vinyl, POM
2 AAA batteries included
22 dB
25 dB
24 dB / Class 4

Life Cycle
Cushions should be replaced periodically to retain maximum attenuation. Use the following as a guideline for replacement of ear cushions and insert foam. General use and wear - Ear cushions and foam inserts should be replaced at least every 6 months. Heavy use or wear in humid/extreme climates - Ear cushions and foam inserts should be replaced at least every 3 months. Cracking or leakage is visible - replace ear cushions and foam inserts immediately.

Storage Information
When not in use, the earmuffs should be stored in a clean dry container or locker. Do not use solvents or petroleum-based products. Do not immerse the earmuffs in water.

Care Instructions
Earmuffs are an important safety product and should be inspected regularly. Its use, care and maintenance are critical to its effective performance. Earmuffs and in particular ear cushions may deteriorate with use and should be examined at frequent intervals for cracking and leakage. If the ear cushions become hard, damaged or deteriorated, they should be replaced promptly using recommended Hygiene Kits. Earmuffs should be maintained by regular cleaning. Use a mild disinfectant solution. A gentle wipe is all that is required.

Customer Product Reviews

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Customer Product Reviews

Based on 3 reviews Please write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Robert Dath

Honeywell HOWARD LEIGHT - Impact Sport Slimline Sound Amplification Earmuffs

Geoff M.
Great Service

Howard Leighton Impact Sport are an exceptional earmuff for shooters. Slim and compact size doesn’t impede the user.

susan wald
Great Service

I was very impressed with the time and effort Kusi took to help me. He was friendly and his advice was knowledgeable.

Rex Willmer
Great for deer stalking

Over the years I've use the best available hearing protection as I'm nerve deaf from industrial noise exposure.
Being a active hunter and shooter I need the best protection to keep what little hearing I have left.
My enjoyment returned the moment I put on my Howard sport ear muffs, not only could I control the volume but I could again hear birds, whispered conversation and most importantly I could hear my footsteps when stalking and those of the Sambar deer I hunt. I would recommend if your a serious hunter and want to get in close for an ethical shot, get yourself some Howard Leight Sport muffs, they will increase your enjoyment and your hunting success.
Well done to Howard!