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Honeywell ICOM Black Anti-fog High Performance Eyewear

Designed for use in industrial work environments, Honeywell ICOM Stereo Bluetooth safety eyewear delivers maximum impact protection along with crystal clear, acoustically-isolated in-ear voice communciation through  its dual microphone technology.  This one-of-a-kind personal protective eyewear provides a new solution and choice for safety managers faced with protecting their workers in challenging environments.  It further underlines Honeywell's commitment to offer new and innovative products to our customers that help address real problems and needs while strengthening a safer workplace culture.

Eyewear Type: Spectacles

Shade Lens Color: Honeywell ICOM comes assembled with a Clear, Fog-ban Lens. Within the Honeywell ICOM kit there is packed a replacement lens (TSR Grey, Fog-Ban).

Lens Coating: Both Lens options in the Honeywell ICOM kit are Fog-Ban

Shade Lens Material: Clear & TSR Grey options are standard

Replacement Lens
Replacement lenses are available by contacting Honeywell Customer Service or your local distributor.

Frame Color: Black

Frame Material: Polycarbonate

Visible Light Transmission: Clear 92% VLTTSR Grey 22% VLT

Temple Type
Fixed/Non ratcheting temples

EC Category PPE

EC Certificate Number

EC Attestation
Icom EC cert

EC Attestation Number


  • EN 166