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Honeywell Perfect Cutting Black - Dyneema with Black Polyurethane coating

Size Guide

A minimum order quantity of 10 pairs is required for purchase. Please add a minimum quantity of 10 into your cart.

The Spectra®/Lycra® thread provides outstanding properties against cuts. The nitrile coating at the palm and fingertips provides outstanding abrasion resistance as well as good resistance against oils.

- Seamless knit construction eliminates uncomfortable seams that can rub, tear or chafe.

- Nitrile palm provides cut, puncture and outstanding abrasion resistance 

- Made with a patented dipping process which provides superior fit, dexterity and durability. 

- Palm dip helps reduce hand fatigue, offers a better fit, and is more comfortable over long periods of time. 

- Coating provides a secure grip on smooth or rough surfaces. 

- Open back configuration provides superior ventilation. 

- Colour coded edge allows for easy sorting after laundering. 

- Available in sizes 07-11