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Honeywell Turboshield Complete Set (Ratchet Headgear with Clear Polycarbonate Visor Uncoated)

Turboshield™ offers great value and easy visor exchange while providing more comfort and better protection. 

- Push-button visor exchange in seconds. 

- Toric lens provides excellent optics, increased field of view and added chin coverage without bulky attachments. 

- Ergonomic, easy-to-use adjustment knobs – even when wearing gloves. 

- Patent-pending suspension headgear with cushioned dual material technology. 

- Breathable, washable headband. 

- Smooth-pivoting action with positive stops in raised and lowered position. 

- Ergonomic ratcheting mechanism for quick and easy fitting. 

- 100% Dielectric Design. 

- Compatible with all Honeywell hard hats, MSA Vguard & Scott/Protector 300