ISC Heavy Duty Forged Pulleys / Rigging Blocks 2T-4T WLL


Hot-forged, extremely durable, rope-friendly, and extremely robust.
ISC Rigging Blocks have colour-coded side cheeks and pulley wheels, helping the user to easily identify the correct block for the task.
We have introduced a new fixed bollard dimension, which allows the user to fall in-line with rigging standard practice, whereby the Anchor/Topping Strop should be twice the strength of the working line.

Wheel Material: Aluminium

Finish: Powder coated

Approved Standards: CE Approved

SKU: RP051A / RP055A / RP057A

Size Colour Weight Working Load Limit Rope Size (max) Topping strop size (max)
Small Red 1490g 2000kg (2 Tonne) 16mm 25mm
Medium Blue 2166g 3000kg (3 Tonne) 19mm 29mm
Large Yellow 3454g 4000kg (4 Tonne) 19mm 29mm
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