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ISC MINI Rope Grab with Removable Pip Pin Axle

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The RP209 Ropegrab has a Pip Pin Axle, allowing the Ropegrab to easily be added to or removed from the working rope line at anytime- without the need for the user to detach from their Harness. The Pip Pin is a 'Push-button' device, allowing the user to quickly and efficiently secure the device during use. ISC Ropegrabs are made from High Strength Aluminium and have a non-aggressive Cam-face design. Ther Mini Ropegrabs are suitable for use without a Shock Absorber, when used on EN1891 rope. Fixed axle version is available.

Rope diameter range: 10.5 - 13 mm

Minimum Breaking Strength: Depandant on Rope Type

Finish: Anodised

Colour: Red or black

Weight: 180 g

Standards: CE EN 353-2; CE EN358 & NFPA 2001



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