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ISC TWISTER Swivel Eye Supersafe Karabiner

The ISC Twister Swivel Eye is rated at 27 kN. Designed for use with side lanyards and harness anchor points, it eliminates the need for both a swivel and Karabiner. Patented ISC Supersafe triple-lock gate (lift-turn-open), forged in aluminium with an anodised finish and the red barrel signifying the SuperSafe gate. It has Ultra smooth, ball bearing swivel at the base of the karabiner with an eye for attaching to slings, ropes and lanyards.

The karabiner is approximately 175 mm long and 72 mm across with a 15 mm gate opening. 100% inspected and proof loaded.

The ISC KH 255 'Twister' karabiner also has unique ISC fall indicator rings built-in - in the event of a fall the red rings is exposed.


  • Drop forged aluminium
  • Unique 3-stage 'auto lock' operation - SuperSafe
  • Non-snag nose
  • Fall indicator for easier inspection
  • Made in Wales, UK


Weight: 145 grams
Gate opening: 15 mm
Body material: Aluminium
Minimum Breaking Strength: 27 kN
Colour Grey

Model Number: KH255