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Kong 411 XL D Auto Block Steel Karabiner Black & Gold

The 411 is an XL Carbon steel karabiner with Auto Block (Triple Lock) sleeve. The X-Large 411 is designed to offer a wide gate opening and a high tensile strength. The particular D shape prevents the rotation of the karabiner and allows to distribute the load along the major axis.


Equipped with Keylock™ system that prevents any snagging on the rope and in the bolts. Fitted with Auto Block sleeve, easy to open even wearing gloves with 3 movements: to lift the sleeve, turn it and then pull the gate.


This new model has a special burnished finishing (matt black look) that allows a greater visibility of the laser marking.


Made in Italy.

Individually Tested

Certifications:   CE EN 12275, CE EN 362/B UIAA

Material: Carbon steel

Colour: Black

Gate Closed:      50 kN

Cross Load:          13 kN

Weight:              240 grams

Shape:              Asymmetric D

Size:                 114 mm L x 76.5 mm x 12mm



Model: 411120NYNKK