Lyon Soft Sling with Sleeve 1.2m x25mm 30kN Black/Yellow

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25mm Polyamide anchor sling with protective sleeve

This product is designed as a temporary transportable anchor for climbing and work at height purposes.

This sling forms only one part of a fall arrest system and  must not be used alone as a fall arrestor or lanyard.  All slings should be regarded as having no energy absorption, and are not designed to absorb dynamic impact.

Minimum strength when tested to EN 566 & EN 795
1 Person = Number of simultaneous users permitted when used in accordance with EN 795
2 People = Number of simultaneous users permitted when used for rescue, in accordance with PD CEN/TS 16415

From Lyon:

The entire manufacturing process of slings, lanyards and anchor strops is carried out at Tebay in our purpose built manufacturing facility.
To sew one sling takes our machines just 45 seconds, but there is a lot more to it than that. Each sling is the end result of a number of processes where the human element is essential to produce a quality product that a user will ultimately trust with their life. Material selection, accurate cutting and finishing, stitch pattern selection, thread tension – all these elements have to come together and the right decisions made time after time. Our sewing team have years of experience behind them to ensure that every process is carried out with accuracy and care.


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