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MSA Safety Gallet F1 Xf Face Shield Replacement Clear

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Have you damaged your faceshield on your XF? Maybe you want to change form Clear to Gold Coated or vice versa. These replacement Face Shields are genuine Gallet shields and available in Clear or Gold coated made from a coated thermoplastic material for use as a face guard visor for high temperature use.

Face Shields are predominantly used when the helmet is in "fire" mode as opposed to the smaller Ocular Visor that is for use in "rescue" mode.


  • Unique sliding mechanism to eliminate interference with other components
  • Extended coverage of full face
  • Unique field of vision through the face shield, ocular correct


CE marking according to EN14458, as a Face guard « High performance visors » Optional conformity:

  • Use for Fire fighting
  • K - Resistance to abrasion
  • N - Resistance to fogging
  • O - Electrical properties ( Surface insulation)
  • UV Filter ( according to EN170 ) : Gold Coated version – 2 C - 2.5 Clear version - 2C - 1.2


Clear - GA1086A

Gold Coated: GA1086B


Note: helmet not included


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