Miller Twin Lanyard - Elastic - Scaff hooks

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Miller Twin Lanyard Elastic w/56mm Scaff hooks on 2 legs & 19mm hook at energy absorber end.

  • Elastic inner core contains the un-extended length of the lanyard and prevents the Stretchstop from trailing along the ground when not in use
  • Outer sheath of the lanyard is the load bearing polyester webbing, provides strength and durability
  • Stretchable design provides greater flexibility and safety
  • External energy absorber allows easy visual inspection if a fall has been taken
  • Un-extended length 1.27m, total extended length 2m (not including energy absorber deployment)
  • Improved safety with reliable visual inspection if a fall has been sustained with the deployment of the energy absorber
  • Brightly coloured webbing for easy identification of worker compliance and correct use
  • 56mm Sacffhooks on anchorage end, and 19mm snaphook at harness end
  • The load bearing component of Stretchstop is the outer webbing material manufactured from high quality light-fast tested polyester tubular webbing
  • The integral energy absorber acts to keep forces of a sustained fall to 6kN or less
  • Under the design standard AS/NZS1891.1, the body must not receive a force exceeding 6 kN in an event of a fall
  • Complies with AS/NZS 1891.1:2007
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