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Pelican 1500D Peli Dessicant


The Pelican Silica Gel or Peli™ Dessicant just 'drinks' dampness; preventing condensation from trapped air when cases are opened in damp, high humidity climates.

Because your Pelican Case is watertight, it not only keeps water out, it keeps moisture in! We recommend always putting one of these in your Pelican or TrimCast case if its going to be closed for a while or used to store things long term.

Fits all cases, not just Pelican.

The Peli™ Dessicant is a reusable Hydrosorbent unit containing 40 grams of silica gel – sufficient to protect 85lt of enclosed space. The indicator in the centre of the until will show 'pink' when its reached its maximum capacity to absorb; to reuse, simply heat in the over for 3 hours at 150 C to reactivate.

Weight:   50 grams

Model Number:  1500D